Processamento de Imagem e Visão (PIV) 2016-17

Sumbission of Project  Files

Submission period: 16 Dec (9:00)- 23 Dec (13:00)

You can re-submit during this period but please try to do it once and use allways the same names AND NO ACCENT MARKS

(ex:  JoaoPauloCosteira instead of João Paulo Costeira )

Your report should be converted to  a PDF file
Your code should include one file named reconstruction.m. You can include more files or a folder with extra files but its your responsability to add the path so that matlab can find them . I don't recommend you do this unless you include toolboxes.  Even though you can submit as many .m files as you wish I recommend that you include all your functions in the main file to avoid submission mistakes
If you did Part II (optional) include a folder with the short report and matlab code. You will show me in person how it runs
Pack the report (PDF) the matlab files and folders in a zip (NOT RAR) file named Basically your file should containa structure like this
Upload the ZIP file and the number and name and email of all group members  in the form below.

Group Fill all form fields and submit the file

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